How to Find Current Price Data for Coins

Posted by Tom Deaux on Dec 6th 2019

How to Find Current Price Data for CoinsIntroductionPricing coins is a subjective exercise. If you show a coin to a buyer and a seller you will likely get different opinions. The best way to get acc … read more

Valuation of Collectible Coins

Posted by Tom Deaux on Nov 24th 2019

IntroductionA coin is most often identified by its date of issue, its denomination, and the mint that manufactured it. For example a 1910-S Lincoln cent was manufactured in San Francisco in 1910. Ea … read more

The 1864 Indian Cent

Posted by Tom Deaux on Jul 31st 2019

OverviewA complete Indian Cent collection includes two varieties of coins from 1864. This is because in 1864 the Indian Head Cent transitioned from a Copper-Nickel (88% copper, 12% nickel) compositi … read more

Testing for Fake US Silver Coins and Bullion

Posted by Tom Deaux on Mar 29th 2019

Be Aware that Fake Silver is in the MarketplaceSilver buyers should be aware that there is a significant amount of fake silver in the marketplace, including silver coins and silver bullion. A minima … read more

Finding Mint Marks on US Coins

Posted by Tom Deaux on Aug 21st 2018

What is a mint mark?A mint mark is an abbreviation that denotes the minting facility that a coin was manufactured in. There have been 8 mints in the United States since the first national mint opene … read more