1886 Indian Cent

Posted by Tom Deaux on Nov 16th 2020

BackgroundIn 1886 two types of Indian Cents were produced for both Business Strike and Proof versions of the coin. The Type 1 design has a smaller space between the ‘6’ in the date and the ‘A’ in AM … read more

Quick Grading Mercury Dimes

Posted by Tom Deaux on Oct 1st 2020

Why Quick Grading?Determining a reasonably accurate grade quickly can pay off. Here are two examples:1)There are times when slow, careful deliberation over the grade of a coin is not an option.Let’ … read more

Trade Dollars

Posted by Tom Deaux on Sep 24th 2020

BackgroundIn the late 1800’s China transacted much of their commerce with Silver coins, mainly the Spanish Peso. The Peso had slightly more Silver than the US Silver Dollars. The Peso has 24.25 gram … read more

1909 Cents

Posted by Tom Deaux on Sep 19th 2020

Transition to a new US CentProduction of the Indian Head Cent began in Philadelphia in 1859. In 1907 it was getting close to 50 years in production.President Theodore Roosevelt decided to replace it … read more

US Token Coins

Posted by Tom Deaux on Jul 21st 2020

BackgroundThis discussion is limited to US Tokens that are interesting to coin collectors. The earliest US Tokens were made in the late 1700’s, mainly manufactured by merchants and for merchants. To … read more