Posted by Tom Deaux on Feb 17th 2020

Designations for Coin GradesSome coins are given a designation as a part of their grade. These designations can have a dramatic effect on a coin’s value.Here are some of the more prominent designatio … read more

1982-1983 Mint Sets

Posted by Tom Deaux on Feb 10th 2020

BackgroundMint sets contain two of each type of coin used for commerce in a given year; 1 from Philadelphia and 1 from Denver. Mint Sets are also called “Uncirculated Sets”.The US Mint sold Mint Set … read more

7 Varieties of the 1982 Lincoln Cent

Posted by Tom Deaux on Feb 3rd 2020

BackgroundIn the 1970’s the Lincoln Cent was made of 95% copper and 5% zinc. The cost of copper was steadily rising, causing the cost of manufacturing Cents to increase significantly. It was imminen … read more

Should I Have My Coin Certified?

Posted by Tom Deaux on Jan 25th 2020

BackgroundThe question is often asked; “Should I get my coin professionally graded?” This presentation is my opinion regarding this subject.I believe most collectors at the current time should use … read more

King of the Morgans

Posted by Tom Deaux on Jan 17th 2020

Two Morgan Dollars Claim the TitleThe 1893-S is a Business Strike coin meant for use in commerce (spending money). Only 100,000 of these coins were minted. The 1895-P is a Proof coin meant for c … read more