1955-S Lincoln Wheat Cent

Posted by Tom Deaux on Mar 10th 2021

BackgroundProduction of Lincoln Wheat Cents started in 1909 in Philadelphia and San Francisco. In 1911 the Denver Mint began minting Wheat Cents also.All 3 mints manufactured wheat cents year after … read more

Trade Tokens

Posted by Tom Deaux on Feb 19th 2021

BackgroundTrade Tokens were made starting around 1817. The tokens were made as a substitute for real coins, which were in short supply. An added benefit was the advertising platform provided.A few c … read more

Indian Head Cents

Posted by Tom Deaux on Feb 11th 2021

BackgroundThe US Mint ended production of Large Cents in 1857. The new Flying Eagle small cent was made in 1856, but in Proofs versions only. Business Strike Flying Eagles began production in 1857 a … read more

Introduction to Half Cents

Posted by Tom Deaux on Feb 2nd 2021

BackgroundThe US Mint started production of Large Cents in early 1793. They started production of Half Cents in July of that year. There are 4 Varieties of Half Cents spanning 1793 to 185 … read more

Twenty Cent Piece

Posted by Tom Deaux on Jan 28th 2021

BackgroundThe 1873 the “Mint Act” halted production of Silver Three Cents and Half Dimes (the precursor to the nickel). As a result, it became difficult to get change for a quarter. For example: Pur … read more